Steel Town Cycles were asked by Stuart to prepare his bike for the Keilder Chiller 24hrs MTB marathon.

Ready for 24hrs of riding

He asked if we’d check the bike for anything that would prevent him from finishing the event. In particular he was concerned about a noise and strange feel to the suspension fork. At Steel Town Cycles one of our favourite jobs is building custom bikes from the frame up. The advantage being a customer gets the exact bike he/she wants with their choice of components.

So for Stuart’s bike we stripped down the bike to the frame and meticulously cleaned everything, degreased the drivetrain and front derailleur. We performed an inspection of the bottom bracket and Headset and reassembled with fresh grease. We then got on with a full 200hr fork service checking and replacing any worn seals and reassembling with appropriate fluids.

Now we had a clean drivetrain this was restored to the bike. Spoke tensions on the 27.5er wheelset was checked and adjusted as required. The bike was nearly back together now. On completion a coat of polish was applied to finish the bike off

Here is what Stuart said on completing the event with a fantastic 13th place in the solo class.

― Stuart’s 24hr steed. – Orange Clockwork 120