Steel Town Cycles Rides Group

We hope to restart our group rides when COVID allows. For now though keep riding. Even if its indoors.

We have a Rides Facebook page but also recognise that not everyone communicates in this way, preferring other methods. In the interests of communicating what we’re up to please find announcements here that will detail our Rides section.

We hope to promote our group rides here and as these develop we’ll add more information.

Sunday Rides – 1st & 3rd, planned. This may be subject to change but announcements will be made in advance if this is to happen.

Currently we ride on a Sunday from the shop . Rides will vary in duration but will be between 3-9 hours. We’d like to set off between 7:30-8:30. At present these are Road based rides, any cycle; road, touring, hybrid or Cyclocross/Gravel/adventure should be up to the job – if you’re interested in coming along we can help out, just drop us a line.

I know some may not want to commit to the longer duration rides at present but we anticipate as the group grows we’ll be able to offer different options. Not only road but off-road rides too! To achieve this we’ll need to train ride leaders that can organise and lead these groups. We’d like to encourage our own community to build though from time to time may link in with other groups to add to the interest or just explore different routes.

We can’t offer regular evening rides at present as we don’t have the time. These can be built in with more ride leaders throughout the season.