Additional Workshop Services

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There are so many possible jobs to do on a cycle that I will not list them all. Below are some of the jobs we can carry out. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please Call 01207 659242.

Additional jobs

Assembly of boxed bicycles of all types, including full PDI & safety check. Including disposal of box and packaging collection and delivery of the cycle at a convenient time

Headset service – loose ball bearings provided  (including frame preparation if required, inspection,degrease, reassemble and regrease).

Bottom Bracket service loose ball bearings provided(includes degrease, inspection,chasing of threads and frame preparation if required). From

Gear service – Including full drivetrain clean and relube.

Gear tune up – Optimising drivetrain performance.

Mechanical Brake Service – Rim brake and disc (including shoe/pad wear check, clean rim/rotor shoe/pads and set up Front and Rear)

Mechanical brake tune up – Optimising braking performance.

Hydraulic Brake bleed From

Hydraulic Brake Service – Including  pad wear check, clean pads and rotor and set up Front and Rear)

Suspension Service (Front suspension & rear suspension units covered) – We use quality fluids and parts.

Wheel true – checking spoke tension.

Replace Spoke – check wheel tension(including up to 2 spokes).

Wheel building. – P.O.A, as this depends on specification.

Di2 fitting service – Upgrade – POA

Di2 firmware updates and customisation –

Basic, Standard and Deluxe Bike Clean

Custom Bike builds – POA

All parts are charged additional to the service above. Call 01207 659242 for a quote today.