2 Wheels Good 4 Wheels…….. getting more expensive.

Before anyone thinks that I’m going to lay into car use I’m not. Though if there was ever a more opportune time to buy a bike or get your old one out of mothballs it’s now. With fuel prices raising it seems daily, other cost of living rises we are all thinking of using our vehicles less I’m sure. Most of us have jumped into the car to get a few bits at the local shops. Myself included.

We could cycle or walk to the shops, carry a backpack which also cuts down our use of plastic bags. It’s a win win. A Healthier you getting out in the fresh air and making some savings on your vehicle use. Helping you and your family get through this time of rising costs. No one can ignore what’s happening in the Ukraine with Russia’s immoral invasion. It’s sure to have an effect on our standards of living due to all of the sanctions on Russia.

As a part of the local community Steel Town Cycles would like to help you get the most from your cycling. We are happy to advise on the best choice of bike for your needs, New or Refurbished. We are delighted that bikes are once again becoming available as the supply chain slowly recovers. We have also seen improvements in parts availability.

What would encourage you, our customer to call into an independent shop like ours instead of shopping online? Other than the obvious, the internet can’t fix your bike. We often have stock when the online stores don’t. Often stock brands that are unique to independent bicycle retailers. The process in choosing these brands involves many hours of research to ensure we have the best products for you. Independent bike shops give a value of service above the cost in ££. We always deliver above expectations.

New stock comes into us every week. Depending upon how busy we are it’s not always possible to upload these to our website. We rely upon you coming in to see what we have. We’d like you to think of us as the heart of the cycling community. Always happy to have a chat or share our knowledge. As we are getting used to “living with COVID” it’s important to stay healthy. Your local bike shop needs your support to keep on providing for you into the future.

Local bike shop day is coming on April 30th 2022 and we’ll be taking part again. We’d like to see as many of you as possible throughout the day. We’ll have On the Day Only offers, Clearance stock, bundle buy offers and be carrying out Free of charge Safety Checks. We’ll advise on service or repair recommendations. If you book your bike in for service on the day they’ll be discounts for parts supplied and fitted.

2022 is going to be your year for change. A healthier year, small changes can make a difference. Start today. Steel Town Cycles are here to help. Visit us in the shop

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