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It’s been very busy if late and I’ve not had the opportunity to get any thoughts down. I’d very much like to be considered as an example of what a local bike shop should be and offer. The personal touch. A friendly and knowledgable guy……. This is what our customers have said in our reviews.

Like many of you I’m a parent who tries very hard to find that mystical work/life balance. I’m aware that this is quite a personal blog, but the little guy above is who I’m working for. I gave up a very good job and wage to follow my dream. It’s been a hard journey and it’s by no means over. When I started Steel Town Cycles, it was my intention to be like those shops that I grew up with, part of the scenery and part of an active cycling community.

Like many bike shops up and down the land I have a passion for this, it’s why we put in the hours we do to get your bikes back in tip top condition as soon as possible. Please remember that what I offer is not what is available at larger shops.

That personal touch and treating every bike like my own take time that the big shops don’t have or don’t want to offer. Recently the Government “Fix your bike” voucher scheme has meant that we’ve been busier. It’s a good thing and I hope those people discover their love for the experience of being out on two wheels and continue to keep their bikes going.

It’s in the interests of keeping your bikes going that I’m letting you all know that certain consumable bike parts are becoming very difficult or almost impossible to source, unless you have a very large buying budget, which as a one person operation I don’t. This is set to continue for most of the year. If I can offer any suggestions on bike preventative maintenance please call in to the shop.

There has with the surge of interest in cycling came many differing opinions regarding bike shops. I can tell you from both side of the counter that everyone is just trying to make a living. A number of home working mechanics have been offering their services on social media recently, while many will be very capable there is no requirement for them to be insured.

There have been more than a few negative remarks locally regarding bike shops “ripping people off” this is certainly not true.

We are professional bicycle mechanics, many are time served and started in their youth. Others have decided to pay themselves through qualifications or a combination of both. We have to be insured to work on your bikes. You can be safe in the knowledge that entrusting your bike to a professional bike mechanic means that in the unlikely event of there being a problem you are covered.

In closing I’d just like to thank the people that have stayed with me through this journey. Family, friends and customers. May we travel many more miles together.

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