2021 – Restoration of Healthy Habits

It’s been sometime since I have written, but My hope is write a blog once a month again. As much to inspire myself as give helpful tips and insights on a range of cycling subjects.

My little inspiration

Towards the end of last year, our old workshop, which many of you had been to became unusable due to building work on the house opposite. A move to another workshop space became unviable. We tried running mobile for a little time, but with the setup we have that was very difficult to effectively manage.

A New Chapter

The good news is that with a little bit of help from family and friends we found a shop. Best of all it’s not too far from where we had been based. On Monday 4th January 2021, this next chapter of our story will begin. It’s going to be a bit of a work in progress as we wanted to get the workshop open first. Hopefully by the end of January we’ll be organised. Subject to availability we are looking to expand our offering into more brands.

Being a small independent shop, we need the help of our family, friends and cycling community to continue to support our cyclists of whatever ability. We all have the love of bikes in common. We only ask that you help spread the word and help us to keep providing a good quality service.

200k, you must be mad

Last year, pre COVID-19 myself and a friend of the shop entered the Dirty Reiver 200 gravel event. This takes place in and around Keilder Forrest in Northumberland. We both had a mountain to climb in terms of preparation, but hey we had 6 months at the time we entered. Piece of cake, no problem. Wrong. You see the thing about being immersed in cycling, fixing others bikes, means that we don’t make the time to ride ourselves.

As 2020 started it became apparent that this would not be a normal year. By February we were snowed under. Time was ever more scarce and I lost my mojo. The Covid-19 hit and pretty soon the event was cancelled. Great, more time to train. Well dear reader, the rest is history but enough to say that my mojo didn’t return.

Here we are 2021, Dirty Riever rescheduled for early April. We have just over 3 months to get into something that resembles fitness. Can we do it……..of course we can.

First I need to build my bike……..

A new hope……

The reason for writing this is as much to get me motivated and with a bit of luck it might persuade you to get out on that bike you managed to get your hands on during lockdown and keep up those healthy habits in 2021. Set yourself a goal maybe it’s to cycle a few times a week, maybe it’s to enter your first sportive. Enjoy it, appreciate what a fabulous county we live in.

Whatever it is Steel Town Cycles will be here for you.

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