Covid-19 – A few changes to what we do

Steel Town Cycles respect the right of people to responsibly ride their bicycles following this guidance. If you are not self isolating and wish to continue getting out in the fresh air please be sensible and ride solo or keep the advised distance of 2 metres in mind.

From Monday 23rd march we’ll be asking you to respect the 2 metre distance at all times. We always wear gloves while handling your bikes. If it is possible please bring your bikes in reasonably clean condition. Please don’t be offended but we’ll disinfect your bike for yours and our safety. We’d ask respectfully if you would wait before entering the workshop. It may be possible to assess your bike outside, weather dependant.

Also from Monday 23rd we’ll be open for drop off/collection between 10-12. Most of our workshop time will be in the evenings to further protect our customers and ourselves. Be assured we are open as long as we are permitted. In these challenging times think about supporting the small independents as the larger shops will get much more in the way of financial support for them and their employees. It is uncertain at this point if the self employed will.

We’d like to thank our customers old and new for your continued support. To you and your families stay safe and look after each other. This will all pass quickly if we stick together as a community. Look out for people you know may be vulnerable. Lastly, if this is the end of our journey we’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Hopefully its not though and we’ll enjoy our bikes all the more when this is over.

One thought on “Covid-19 – A few changes to what we do

  1. Good luck that you may be able to retain some business. This is a dreadful time for all to go through, but with good common sense, and an interest in preserving small local businesses as much as possible, things might just work out. Stay strong 😋

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