My Cobbled Classics

It’s the time for the Pros to shine in the hardest races in the Calendar (IMHO). Cycling coverage on TV has improved over the years and we are now able to witness the thrills of the 1-Day Belgian Classics including the Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix, although both races have actually been in existence since the early 1900’s.

The reason these races are so close to my heart is the formidably strong riders that win them; the race is incredible to watch, the endurance and suffering is visible in equal measure, the falls excruciating with the most brutal timing – I love it. As fans, we always look forward to a wet/muddy race. It makes these races more challenging for the riders and far more exciting to watch. Flanders runs out today and my personal favourite, the Paris-Roubaix, next Sunday.

As an inconsistent racing cyclist, I always did better in a race when the conditions were a little more challenging; my early motivation would be at its height, with wet, windy, muddy roads in the early season races giving way to the brighter summer races later in the year. This is perhaps why I’m drawn to Cyclocross. Occasionally racing around a muddy field gets the heart pumping, my inner-critic shouts at me a little louder and fires up the motivation to dig-in and finish. For most involved, it seems the the wetter and colder the better. So, I identified a lot with these tough riders, considered 1 day specialists, and a great inspiration to me since I was young.

Going back to the golden era of cycling in the 1950’s Fausto Coppi dominated most races entered. He’s one of the reasons I love Italian bikes and equipment. If you come into the shop, I’ll happily tell you about the benefits of Campagnolo over Shimano – but that’s for another Blog perhaps?

These days I’m getting soft with my advancing years and, like many, find it very easy to put off when the weather is a bit pants. Last year, I did a pitiful 1000 miles (annual mileage). In the past I had ridden 4-5000miles. While being realistic, I have family and work commitments now, I would like to triple this in 2019. At Steel Town Cycles, we hope to build a community of cyclists of all abilities and help you plan, set and achieve your yearly goals. Whether it’s riding 10 miles or 100miles, getting fitter or stepping up to race in whatever discipline you choose, we’d like to help.

So if you have access to Eurosport, book your seat on the sofa for next Sunday and experience “the Hell of the North – Paris-Roubaix”. Be inspired to get out on your bike in any conditions…….. I intend to…… honest.

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