Showroom Saturday/Turbo Trainer Sunday.

Showroom Saturday is our new weekend event.

Introducing the new Lightweight Children’s Bikes – Squish.

Our son has had two Isla bikes and they are very good bikes for the discerning kid and the adult cyclist that wants the best for their child. However that does come at a premium price too, and we were keen to explore the market to find other bikes that met our expectations on quality, build and components.

As an experienced cyclist, and from the first tentative circuits he took in our back garden, I wanted to provide my son with the best bike I could find to encourage him to love cycling and come further with me. His taste of freedom on the Derwent Walk sent him speeding down the tracks close to home, and holiday bike rides have seen him increase his confidence and ability over the last 2-3 years and I’m now hoping to extend our rides up to 15-20 miles over the summer. The parents we have talked to all understand that children vary in their ability and confidence on their bikes, but above all we really believe in making sure the bike is not too heavy, and has components that are specially designed for young children. A heavy bike will not encourage a child to want to ride their bike as often as we did as kids; they are harder to manoeuvre around tighter bends, harder to cycle uphill, and when you fall off – which is all part of the journey – it’s a harder knock. The Shimano and Tektro gears and brakes are straightforward and function well. The saddles are great, there’s a nifty touch with the colour co-ordinated outer cable which looks cool, and with a mechanic’s eye I can see that there is room to customise and make the bike even more individual without breaking the bank too, like adding junior grips to match up to the bike. So, Steel Town Boy is now ready to move up to his next bike and we have made the decision to get him a Squish 24″ wheel model in Orange.

Showroom Saturday offers our customers a face-to-face Squish experience, while we also open up the workshop to those drop in jobs: Puncture repair – Gear adjustments – Brake adjustments – so you guys can either continue on your journey or get out on Sunday.

The range is suitable for 3 yrs to 11-12 yrs with more models being added to the range. More information on Squish can be found at

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