How we look after your bike

The starting point for most of our services is a Free of Charge safety check and inspection.  This informs you, the customer, what is needed to get your bike into a safe and rideable condition.
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If you are unsure of what your bike may need or haven’t ridden it in a while we take this opportunity to find out what kind of cyclist you are or may be.  Riding with the kids, for leisure or with a goal in mind, such as an event.  This will all help us shape what level of service is appropriate for you.
We’ve developed our own safety check/inspection starting at an M-Check.  This is a basic functional check that we all should perform before hopping onto a bike.  It’s a little like a risk assessment; it doesn’t require a vast knowledge and isn’t  difficult to carry out.
The basic premise is to move through the bike starting at the front wheel in a M-shape (see pic); we would always talk a customer through this process when you bring your bike to us for it’s service.
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If during this process you come across anything that makes the bike unfit to ride you should fix that problem or take it to your nearest Independent Bike Shop for repair.  A bicycle is like any machine in the respect that regular maintenance will prolong its useable life.
It is certainly wise to service a bike at least annually.  If your intentions are to ride more often, then service your bike more often e.g 2-3 times annually.
At Steel Town Cycles we focus on quality of service and workmanship.  I treat every bike I work on like my own.  We work with lower quantities coming through to ensure we keep the quality high and our turnaround times lower.
The internet can’t fix your bike it is true and won’t generally give you true experience-based advice for FREE.  We hope that you’ll entrust your bike to an independent at it’s next service.

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