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I’ve been a bit quiet of late on the blog here…… the reason…….. lots of bikes to Service -Repair-Upgrade.  The shop has been very busy since the beginning of summer.  Is it the great weather that’s getting more of you out on bikes, or a renewed interest in just getting a little fitter.  I don’t know, but we are very happy to have seen more of you this year; like we have always said, whatever your cycling needs are, Steel Town Cycles are happy to help you all.

We had our first Tandem customers this month and some great restoration projects, like this classic Specialized Stumpjumper that the customer had sitting around needing a little TLC so we stripped the bike, cleaned it up, and serviced the rear shock.  We then rebuilt the bike replacing a few worn out parts.

My own efforts to get fitter have slid somewhat.  After a great start and good weather to motivate my notion of getting up an hour earlier and out for an hour, better than nothing, reality dawned very quickly and progress has been slow.  I’m still determined to keep up some riding though.  As the Cyclocross season approaches, 1st September, I am determined to race a full season in our STC Cycling kit.  It will be tough as they are fast, punchy events.  Racing is typically less than an hour.  I am making it sound hard but really anyone with a mountain bike can and should have a go.  They are grassroots events and rely on volunteers to organise them.  The North East Cyclocross League races (www.neccl.co.uk) are very friendly and everyone is encouraged from kids to adults.  I will report on the STC teams progress, which is: me, my son Alex (7 years),  Dan (11yrs) and Laurence, whom I have known through racing since he was 14 – a bit older than that now.

After the first NECCL round on Saturday I am pleased to report the kids, Dan and Alex were 3rd and 2nd in their respective age groups.  Laurence had a good solid start of 25th, and I managed 35th out of a field of 42 riders.  Room for improvement for Laurence and I.

What I found in this first round though is that while still having a competitive spirit, I was far happier just riding at my own pace and not pushing too hard.  I’d be really happy to see some of you guys give it a try.  Its a great day out for all the family and encourages everyone no matter their ability.  There are folks that have been riding these events for over 25 years and its great to see them still actively enjoying their riding.   Its not really about where you finish as everyone is a winner just for turning up; the kids enjoy the competitive challenge but race with all age groups so at any point in the field, they are simply racing at their own pace, heads down.  Cyclocross is definitely a discipline that can be enjoyed at whatever your fitness level is and its one of the most friendly and accessible to a wide age group.  Go on……… have a go this season.  Further details can be found at http://www.neccl.co.uk or search North East Cyclocross League on Facebook.



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