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It was great to get away this week with the family for a well earned break from the work-school routine, and escape to one of our favourite English counties for sea-views and cycling.  Cornwall delivered again……some great weather and our third visit to a fantastic little cottage which provided an excellent base from which we explored the area.  It was great to visit Tintagel again, a great English Heritage site which, with some steep climbs up the castle hills, provides some incredible Atlantic views.  We also decided to explore some opportunities for cycle trails, and discovered a ride along a large part of the Camel Trail from Wentford Bridge to Wadebridge and back.  Based along a stretch of old railway line, and even passing by the Bodmin Steam railway, winding through a river valley, it’s almost completely flat with a fair few watering holes along the way.  I can highly recommend the bike themed Snails Pace Cafe as a starting point, or a mid-point break, with excellent, locally produced food, great cakes, and a warm and friendly service.  There is bike hire available, and this stretch of the Camel Valley is really quiet and peaceful compared with the approach further up the trail towards Padstow, but whatever your intention, it’s a great find, and we will all be going back again.

Cornwall has some great roads to ride slightly away from the main drags, and this cyclist will return someday to ride and appreciate a little touring.  Cornwall is a county so well suited to this form of cycling and it was encouraging to see cyclists on the roads and trails enjoying the views in the area from the saddle, leading me to thinking about a return to basics and spending some time this year on some short 2-3 day tours in the Lake District and Scotland.

Though I have enjoyed racing and definitely have a competitive nature, the rides I’ve enjoyed recently have been much more sedate.  The bike I will be building up for myself next will be much more aimed for adventure riding/bike packing and will be a radical departure from how I came into cycling.

I’d like Steel Town Cycles to be the shop that encourages you all whatever you’re interest and reason for getting on a bike.  If I can help you realise your goals then I’m doing my job.  As well as helping get our kids onto bikes that aren’t too heavy and they actually want to ride.  We highly recommend and can supply the Squish premium bike brand.  They get a quality build and a lightweight aluminium frame and from what I’ve  seen of them, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

I received a call this morning from some guys hailing from Liverpool doing the C2C who had run into a bit of a mechanical problem with a damaged cleat on his clip-less pedal, so I thought it was worth opening on a Sunday to help sort them out, and get them back on the last stretch of their challenge.  Quite a long time ago there was a bike shop in Blackhill.  It was oldskool – I remember them mostly servicing and repairing bikes but the chap that owned the shop was so enthusiastic.  This is what Steel Town Cycles are all about.

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