Getting rolling again…… 1st rides

Today was a beautiful day in God’s own County.  I was visited by an old friend who is now living in Berkshire, who I’ve been racing and cycling with for over 28 years.  We had a great ride up to Park Head cafe above Stanhope. It could not have been a nicer day for being out and about on a bike.  Steven and I reminisced about being younger and about how much he missed the brilliant countryside around us in Derwentside.

As we continued on our ride it was great to see so many people taking the opportunity to get out.  All manner of folks, all ages from families to those riding the C2C.  At times like these it makes you examine your own relationship with cycling and how my own involvement has changed.  Speaking to my friend and thinking of the many thousands of miles we must have ridden together over the years was a welcome reminder that although I’m not getting out as much it’s still a great thing to do with your time.

The benefits of improving your health and physical fitness are plain to see, as well as improving your mental health and well-being.

The good weather does help but once you develop a healthy habit it’s amazing how quickly you learn to tolerate less clement conditions.  Steven reminded me of some of the long rides we’d done in the past within driving rain on filthy roads, not pleasant at the time.  After a hot shower and some food it’s pleasing to know you stayed the course.

The moral of this short tale…… Go on ……….get out on your bike!


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