Inspiration sometimes comes from others…….

Over many years of cycling and many different disciplines, I’ve found that when I loose interest, and it happens in cycles of 2-3 years, when I’ve grown interested again I’ve usually been inspired by someone else who has reawakened my passion.  So my recent struggle with returning to fitness has, hopefully been kicked into life again by 6 people on riding their first C2C. This Monday two lovely ladies Virginia and her friend called in with a tyre problem. I was able to sort it out for them and offer some useful tips for future reference. Off  they went through the mist of a Consett morning.

These two separate visits have had me out on 3 rides this week and 2 indoor training (aka turbo trainer) sessions. It’s great to have goal to train towards and that can be as simple as riding your first hour without stopping or something grander like the C2C. As long as we have fun doing it. It’s really great to be part of a group also as they can push you on when you’re thinking of stopping. We can all achieve something through our love of cycling goals big and small.

I hope that through the autumn and winter you’ll keep riding in some capacity.

Please comment, share and spread the word. Thanks for your support in our first year.


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