Tripped at the 1st hurdle…… Try again


Well last weeks training hit a wall, but I thought nevermind.  I’ll just do the race anyway….. Bikes all washed and prepared. Ready for action, then: 1. The heavens open, don’t mind that, it slows down the fast lads; 2. I feel under the weather – a bit more of a problem. Result, I didn’t race.  I’m disappointed but it has made me more determined for next week.

It is difficult to find the time in between busy work and family commitments but it’s worth spending that 1 or 3 hours even once a week for the sense of wellbeing alone. One of the members of our Rides group rode over 100 miles this week, a big commitment on her time, but a great achievement.  She had to start out with the 1&2 mile rides first and then wanted to do more.  We’ve all done something we really enjoyed and got hooked on, whether it’s walking, swimming or cycling.

Go out next week guys, get the bike and enjoy your countryside.  Steel Town Cycles are behind you all the way.  The first stop shop for Advice, Service, Repair, Upgrades and Accessories to keep your bike in the best condition.

On a personal note, I’ll be persevering to get that training started but most of all enjoying my riding.

Safe riding.

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