Let the Training commence……. better late than never?

A few may have noticed my recent posts have centred around my love of Cyclocross. I also promised (myself)I’d get into training for the approaching season. Due to my lack of motivation and other things easily blamed, but mostly down to the same thing, I now find myself less than a week away from my first race in 3 years.  Scared of  failing? Absolutely.

I shouldn’t be though…….. It is all about taking part after all and crucially enjoyment. I’ve ridden my bike for fitness and raced on and off for many years. It’s often difficult to fit in around a busy working and family life. The bike often sits in the shed for another few months unriden. How do I get through motivation problem?

Riding with your family or friends can be a great way to break that impasse. Steel Town Cycles have a Rides group which can be found on Facebook @Steeltowncycle-Rides group. We are a mixed group with an emphasis on being supportive of all levels of rider. If you’re on Facebook please request to join, come along and see what we’re about. Another great local resource is Cycle Durham this sets out from Consett and and Blackhill Park on Wednesdays at 10:30. More information is available in the workshop or by emailing your name to pedalpower@durham.gov.uk

It is my hope to inspire more of you to ride your bikes a bit more often. No one likes riding in poor weather, but I’ve always been inspired by my friends and family and their enthusiasm to get out. It’s much easier to get into a habit of riding if you’re getting out with likeminded people. Get out on your bikes this week and enjoy the wonderful countryside we have around us. Join us on Friday evening? And above all stay safe and enjoy your cycling.




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