Cyclocross – The perfect do it all bike?


Cyclocross and Gravel bikes are the do it all, go anywhere bikes that really do live up to their name.  Somewhere between a road bike and mountain bike and even touring.  They will handle the majority of tarmac or trails and if I had to choose one bike I would choose cyclocross due to that multi terrain ability.

For quite a few years now I have been (attempting) to race in the NECCL and CXNE Cyclocross Leagues.  I have an on-off relationship with racing in general, and having tried various types, Road, off-road-XC and downhill, I have largely drawn the conclusion that it’s not for me.  At the age of 46, I don’t think that I’m past it but it doesn’t give me the  enjoyment it used to…… that is except Cyclocross(CX). It keeps drawing me back in, and for the last couple of years I haven’t listened.

Q: So why am I now thinking about giving it another try?  A: The community.

Much like what I am trying to achieve with Steel Town Cycles, drawing together people of all abilities regardless of what bike they ride and how often they choose to ride it; the fact is we’re all the same.  We all love our bikes and that means different things to different folks.  The family that rides during the summer holidays is no different in their enthusiasm, and they are passing that lifelong appreciation on to the next generation. Similarly, the seasoned racer that gets the same buzz from their participation passes on their love of the sport to those that are looking for a challenge and want to give it a try.

I’m going to give CX racing another go this season.  At the moment, I’m not fit and not prepared.  That being said I would still encourage all of you that are interested to give it a shot.  Anyone with a mountain bike, cyclocross or gravel bike can give it a try.  I’ve always found the races family friendly with children’s races part of the day and part of the great supportive cycling community that we have in the north east.

We have two great leagues North East Cyclocross League & CXNE.  Check out the websites for further information.  The season starts in September and ends January

I’m currently building my own CX bike from frame up.  Steel Town Cycles will be happy to look over your bikes and give you tips on bike set up and equipment choice up to building your own custom CX machine.

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Thanks Jonathan.

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