Basic bicycle maintenance

Have you ever thought I’d like to know a little bit more about how my bike works. It’s a thing of mechanical beauty to some a tool to many in the world reliant on its transport to carry them to work whatever the conditions.

Given that a machine on occasion breaks down and usually when it’s least convenient to the owner. Would it be useful for you to learn the basics? How to remove a tire, fix a puncture, change an inner tube. Stop a brake block from rubbing. Put a chain back on without touching that oily thing. All basic fare for someone who relies on their machine every day. For many though a source of stress and perhaps why that old bike stays in the shed for another year.

Steel Town Cycles are proud to announce a new service providing basic mechanical or trail side skills to customers on a small group basis. Skills learned will equip the individual with the ability to get home.

Call 07429421066 today to book.

This new service will be available from January 2017

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